Company Policy

As Voin Bilişim ve Sportif Ticaret A.Ş., our fundamental value is happiness of our shareholders in the ecosystem. Among these shareholders, our customers is the most important one. People who is interested in our products and services become our customers and we try to provide them a pleasant journey. With this purpose, we provide the truest products to our customers. We know our customers, understand their expextations and provide the truest products to fulfil their expectations. We care after sales support.

In case of any customer complaint, to provide them an easy access, we listen them via many channels such as telephone, e-mail, live chat and face to face communication, understand them and find solutions. We try to be accommodationist. In case of any customer complaint or satisfaction fails, we make sacrifices to find solutions and seek for accommodation and mostly, we came to an agreement. We focus on our customers.

Customer awareness is at high level in our units which do not contact customers such as technical, accounting and back office as well as the units which contact our customers. We care our customers’ feedback. We keep open our feedback channels with our customers. We see each complaint as an opportunity to lead us to improve ourselves. Our solution periods are limited. These periods are enough to fulfil expectation of our customers and create difference in the sector. We tackle all complaints in an objective, impartial and fair way.

We care confidentiality of personal information and apply all processes in this regard. We record all customer complaints in such a way that to answer our customers and legal authorities in case of need. We follow our sector, global developments and competators and improve ourself. With our quality teams, we regularly measure our quality, determine our development fields, take regular measurements and imrpove ourself continuously.



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