Our Values

To create more developed societies by allowing people to reach real and quality electronic products. By finding the best product in the market, we find solutions for current financial crisis and doing our job with the help of solution orianted practices.
With our efforts, we find products in domestic and foreign markets and to provide them cheaply. To help public about what they need to research and to make them more conscious about shopping.

To find developed and new products for those who like to spend time in the electronics world, by finding products that serve their tastes and providing them to customers.
Customers are our lifeblood. We are aware that without happy customers, our situation will not be any better. In other words, it is our priority to consider the customer perspective collectively, not just partly.

Our Mission

To provide high quality products in fields of customer electronics and home appliances to our customers in accordance with their budget. We want our customers to reach new developing technologies of electronics in an appropriate and reliable way.

Our Vision

Voin Bilişim ve Sportif Ticaret A.Ş. follows the World’s developing technology, Home Electronics, Consumer Electronics and new trends. Thanks to this, Voin Bilişim ve Sportif Ticaret A.Ş. family is able to provide newest, most advanced and developed technologies to its customers. From this point of view, to provide newest, most advanced and developed products of home and consumer electronics to our customers is the fundamental of our vision.



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