Professional Service

We work with experienced experts in the market who enable us to offer competetive opportunuties to our partners at the possible best prices. VOINTURK is established by focusing on the full service, timely delivery and custormer satisfaction.

24/7 Technical Support

We provide technical support for the all brands that we service. We answer all your questions together with our extensive technical support team and professional employees about the products you have purchased from us.

Professional Expert Team

We follow the strategic developments of brands with our experienced team in their fields and deliver the new product portfolioe to the end user. You can buy retail or wholesale. If you want to be our dealer, please contact our team.

Product Groups

Apple | JBL | Xiaomi

Computer and Phone

Mouse, USB Cable, Bluetooth Earphone, Personal Care

As VOINTURK, we bring the latest computer and phone models together with you with the most affordable price gurantee. You can see Apple, JBL and Xiaomi computer and phone models and their qualifications on our website with detailed explanations. You can puchase various products such as mouse, earphones and usb cable on our e-trade website. You will be able to find any brand and product that you are looking for thanks to wide product range that we provide for you.


Home Appliances

Charged Upright Vacuum, Cordless Vacuum, Digital Engine

Whatever you are looking for as home appliances, as VOINTURK, we offer for sale in our online store. You can find frequently preferred latest models of Xiaomi, Dyson and Kitchenaid on our site with the best prices. You can see various products such as charged vacuums and spare parts, kettles and robot vacuums. You can make true decisions by reading the information we shared about the products that you prefer.

Personal Care Products

Hair dryer, Electric Toothbrush

The most populer products of Dyson and Xiaomi are waiting for you under the personal care products category. As VOINTURK, it is very important for us to bring quality and useful products together with you. We provide products such as electric toothbrush, hair removal tool, shaver, nail care kit with the best price gurantee.

Kitchen Products

Food Processor, Kettle, Toaster, Mixer, Blender

Products belonging to brands in the kitchen category will be the favorite products of women. We provide practical and useful products such as tray or pitcher belong to Kitchenaid and Xiaomi brands to end user with VOINTURK service quality. As company, we enjoy to provide most affordable and quality products for you.


Music Products

On-ear Bluetooth Earphones, Canalphone Bluetooth Earphones

On our website and e-trade website, you can see the JBL brand’s On-ear Bluetooth Earphones and Canalphone Bluetooth Earphones which allows you to listen music comfortably and give you peace. As VOINTURK, we value customer satisfaction above everything and work with satisfaction principle.


TV and Video Systems

OLED, HD, Full HD, 4K, 4K UltraHD, High Resolution, Smart TV

In our TV and Video Systems Category, we provide Samsung’s TV’s with impressive display features that you can have pleasant time to the end user. You can buy 4K and Full HD TV’s with VOINTURK gurantee. Just like other products, we gurantee the most affordable priced products for our TV and Video Systems category.

Brands We Cooperate



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